The 10,000ft Proposal

With Valentine's Day behind us there are some amazing ideas out there from some pretty interesting people. Tech like GoPro and all the new accessories to aid in taking the perfect shot from any angle, the creative juices are flowing and the results are always getting better without having to be a pro. Here Brandon Strohbehn takes flight with his [now] fiancé Nicole Nepomuceno for an unforgettable skydive in San Diego. Using something they passionately enjoy together, Brandon sets the bar even higher for the rest of us, proposing at 10,000 ft and getting his anwser on the ground, he makes it look good. We're not just boys with our toys anymore, but the ladies that love us, and the big kids we are . What's even more awesome is that the ladies are showing us how it's done in many extreme sports, adventure sport is far from being just for the gents, now it's for the gent's, the ladies, and those that find each other in the mutual love of getting out there and getting involved.

Life begins where the tar ends... 

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