4 Steps to Avoid Ending up with Never-Watched GoPro Videos

1 - Plan what you want to shoot before heading out. For example, film loading up your bike in the morning you leave, film your mates leaving the meeting place (this makes up the start of your soon-to-be edit), film a little of your journey on the open road, film your arrival at Golden Gate (or whichever awesome place you're visiting), film hitting the dirt road...... you get the point). Doing this right will save you 80% of your editing time.

2 - Use the GoPro remote to do this. It just makes it so much easier. Get the handlebar mount for the remote so you can see the display screen to see whats going on.

3 - Download & use the Cineform editor which is GoPro's freely available editing suite. Use the video template editor which will tell you to use a 12 second opening shot and followed by a 8 second action shot for example. You just find suitable clips from your videos, drop them into the template and you get a very nicely edited GoPro-Style video. It even adds cool music for you which times up nicely with the sequence of your video. Download Cineform here. 

4 - Share your awesome videos on the Action Gear facebook page :)