4K Resolution the new TV Display hit

4K Resolution the new TV Display hit.

While many people are getting used to seeing and having large LCD High definitions TVs, internationally a roll out of 4K cinema quality televisions are hitting the shelves.

A level above LED and 3D, these types of TV sets are said to be the next television standard after HD. What exactly is 4K?

In terms of picture size, High Definition has pixel dimensions of 1920 x 1080. 4K is a pixel dimension of 4096 x 2180. The decade old HD is still going strong with millions of TV, smartphones, PCs and tablets sold in SA alone.

Now 4K is the newest TV resolution yet new doesn’t necessarily mean ground breaking or overly fantastic. There is a clear difference in quality between standard and high definition but the same can’t be said for HD and 4k. Rollout of 4K comes at a time when 4K contented is limited, with South Africa still in the phase of rolling out public HD.

Many of the words in those reviews were written on a laptop in my lab at a theatrically close seating distance, comparing a 65-inch 1080p and a 65-inch 4K TV. Despiteall the extra pixels that make up the 4K TV's screen, people seem to see little differance especially with HD TV shows and Blu-rays. Larger TVs or closer seating distances would make that difference more visible, as with computer graphics, animation, and games, but even then it's not drastic.

With 4k teklevisions still at there insane intro prices and HD TVs slowly droping price, HIgh definition screens will climb for a long time before 4k becomes popular.