All About The DJI Phantom Quadcopter

UPDATE: Introducing the new DJI Phantom 2 Vision.

DJI Phantom have unenviable the brand new version of the ever popular Phantom. Click here to find out more.

UPDATE: The DJI Phantom is now available at ActionGear.

When people speak about taking their GoPro to the air, one name keeps coming up over and over again. If you ask most GoPro enthusiasts about the option of using the GoPro to take aerial footage, the name DJI Phantom will probably come to mouth. This mini quadcopter , which is hugely popular in worldwide is slowly trickling into South Africa. 

First of all, the look and feel of the DJI Phantom gives off a fun and playful exterior design which is quite different to the tech and robo inspired designs of the many other RC (remote controlled), helicopters on the market. Smooth lines and simple curves give the Phantom a toyish yet sophisticated look.

This model is specifically designed for novices, and trust me we are a large bunch) and offer users the ability to easily mount a GoPro right under the copter for stunning video from the air. 


View from the Phantom.

Controlling the Phantom, which might seem a challenge initially, is quite enjoyable and fun. It seems DJI have thought of every little trick in the book to ensure easy and safe flying. 

The remote controller packaged with the Phantom only needs you to pop in 4 AA batteries and you’re good to go. Its uses what DJI has dubbed, anti-interference technology within the remote and receiver, so more than one Phantom and remote set can be used at the same time.

Interestingly DJI have an added clever feature called The Naza – M auto pilot system. What this means is should the remote and Phantom loss connectivity during flying, the Phantom will automatically remain in one spot meaning it won’t mistakenly crash into buildings or pretty faces. Also, if with GPS navigation tuned on and at good signal strength, the copter will automatically engage its ‘Return to Home Feature’ and land safely near the remote/flyer.


DJI Phantom.

DJI Phantom Remote.

And for the part that everybody wants to know. Can it shoot well? Well the Phantom comes complete with a replaceable camera mount a small range of action, DLSR, and handy cameras and while not 100% recommended, any other video shooting electronic equipment can be mounted to the Phantom. Its lack of an included gimbal is a bit of a let-down as a lot of other RC copters made for shooting are bundled with one.

Overall the ease of use and great affordability make the DJI Phantom a winner. DJI offers a range of accories and spares for the Phantom including the Zenmuse Gymbal, electronic upgrade kit and propeller guards. These offer great options for upgrading or customising the Phantom. A great plus is that no text-book knowledge of mini helicopter flying is needed to use the DJI Phantom. Any action camera user looking to add brilliant in air images to their adventure collection will love this.

DJI Phantom in use.