Argus Cycle Tour - Last Minute Tips

With only a few days before the next Argus Cycle Tour you've probably heard all the advice there is to hear. The last minute nerves however probably have you browsing around various blogs and sites to find out any other morsels of useful information which can help you on race day, so that's what we'll give you here; a few really useful bits of advice that might not have been heard elsewhere. 

1) If you're driving or flying down be sure to take your bike for a test ride once you're down in Cape Town. Check the brake cables and alignment of the handlebars and seat post as these are often bumped in transit. 

2) Take ear plugs. Yes ear plugs. If you're not used to the wind in Cape Town then you can (like me) not sleep at all in the nights preceding race day because of the screaming winds which come through the city. 

3) You've probably heard this one before, but DO NOT litter while out on the ride. Those baboons really love their 32Gi but that's no reason to throw your empties into the bushes. In all races the organisers send clean up crews after the race which is fine but the Cape Town winds are likely to blow the litter off the road and out of the way of the clean up crew. 

4) If you're going to be riding in the pelotons then hang a few meters of the back of the group. This wil make you work a fraction more but you'll have a chance to take evasive action if the group goes down which is more likely in a race like this as you have poor experienced racing snakes trying their hardest to keep up but they're not always well versed in the etiquette of peloton riding. 

5) Carry a R10 note in your saddle bag. If you get a sizable tear in the side wall of your tyre then insert the folded note between the new tube and the inside of the tyre. This will protect the new tube from dirt, grit and sharpies getting into that cut and popping it again. 

6) Once you're finished the race please remember to let the air out of your tyres if you're travelling back in-land. The higher altitude means lower air pressure which can cause your tyres to pop if they are already pumped up to 8 bar or more on race day. 

6) You've certainly heard this one before - enjoy the views!!! This is one of the most beautiful races in the world and we as South Africa's are so incredibly privileged to have the race in our backyards. Drink it in! 

7) Send us your photos and videos! 


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