Aerial Filming 101

Thanks to the release of affordable and reliable quadcopters over the past two years, aerial filming has become a possibility for any potential fan or enthusiast. Light, four rotor drones (quadcopters), such as the DJI Phantom or the Blade 350QX are ready to fly and do not require technical knowledge of RC building or assembly. In the case of the Blade 350QX, compact size; auto stabilisers and active GPS assisted flight, are a few features that will allow a beginner to safely fly one with ease.

Now for the fun part, shooting stunning video. The most commonly used camera on quadcopters is the GoPro camera, with the Hero 3+ Black Edition being the latest one. What makes this camera a popular choice for this type of shooting is its light weight, small size and high quality video recording options. The Blade 350QX comes standard with a GoPro mount for easy attachment. By default, the mount attaches the GoPro to the quadcopter via the GoPro’s waterproof housing. This will protect the camera from any bumps or light brushes against trees and branches.

An added benefit of using the GoPro camera enclosed within the housing is the massive difference in recorded audio. Quadcopters tend to be loud when in flight due to their four rotating propellers. The noise is also amplified if the quadcopter is near walls or enclosed spaces. Keeping the housing on will block out the majority of outside noises.

What You Need To Get Started

A Quadcopter

A good, small to mid- sized quadcopter such as the Blade 350QX, is what you will need to get started. The Blade is a good option to start with as this particular copter comes ready to fly, meaning no configuration or syncing is required. Additionally, a feature called SAFE + will allow you to select one of three safety modes that assist with flight control and stability. These modes are switchable and can be switched off as your control skill progresses.


An Action Camera

The GoPro Hero 3+ is a great option for aerial video as it is compatible with a large variety of quadcopters. In terms of video quality, full 1080p high definition at 60fps can easily be achieved, with an additional 4k resolution at 15fps available. Add features such as time-lapse, photo-burst mode and Wi-Fi connectivity and you have an all-in-one action camera.

A Good Quality Gimbal

To prevent unwanted camera shake and shutter roll, a good quality camera gimbal is necessary. With one attached to the quadcopter and camera, you will be able to maintain your desired camera angle and position regardless of which direction the copter moves. Certain gimbals allow for in-flight tilting via a remote control attachment.


Extra Batteries

Spare batteries are needed if you will be looking to shoot for more than around 15 minutes at a time. It is important to have a few spares if your aim is to shoot as much video as you can. With the added weight of a camera, your quadcopter will be placed under added stress and will in turn use up more battery power. The Blade 350QX uses 11.1v LiPo batteries, which are easy to find and widely available in generic versions.

Using a quadcopter and action camera combination is a consumer friendly way of achieving high end, professional looking aerial footage. If you are an aerial filming novice or are looking to get into it as an interesting hobby, why not grab yourself the Blade 350QX Quadcopter & GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition from Action Gear. This combination will allow you to capture stunning video will little set up time. Letting you spend less time learning and more time shooting. Check out each product page (Blade 350 QX or GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition) or get in touch with us via web –, email – or telephone – 011 781 1323.