Bike jacking by Gunpoint

Malcolm Fox was out riding in Somerset West when a group of robbers stopped him to steal his bike, cellphone, sunglasses and car keys - all at gunpoint. Thankfully, the police have been able to arrest the suspects and the stolen bike and cellphone have been returned. The whole incident was captured on Malcolm's GoPro camera firmly mounted on his helmet which even managed to get a perfect shot of one of the suspects' faces.


Although we are avid mountain bike riders ourselves, we recognise that these kind of situations may occur. But we do not want you to be discouraged by this and NOT ride the beautifully scenic routes of our country. The best part of mountain biking is hitting the type of terrain that isn't commercial or behind a security boom.

Our number one tip is to try and ride in groups. If you own a helmet camera such as the GoPro or Drift, think about strapping it on as your daily essential piece of gear on your mountain bike rides. It is perfect for capturing incidents/accidents and situations from a first person viewpoint and may be able to assist with legalities/insurance afterwards. This just goes to show you that these little cameras can be utilised a lot more than during holidays.


Don't stop riding our beautiful country's routes!