Capture Clip Review

The Capture Clip from Peak Design is without a doubt one of my most used camera accessories. I really don’t like having a camera strap around my neck and this is the perfect solution!


What is it?

The capture clip is basically a device that you attach to the strap of your bag or your belt and clip your camera into it leaving your hands free.  


How do I use it?

I shoot a lot of trail running and sports where I need both of my hands free to climb up rocks or just free to run and this does the job perfectly.  With a neck strap I would still have had to hold the camera with one hand while I ran or put the camera back into my camera bag. I’ve also found it very useful for traveling and used it religiously for 2 weeks walking around India.


I love how solid it is and I feel quite comfortable letting my 5D MK III hang on while I’m running around. It’s very easy to clip in and clip out and that makes the camera very easily accessible. It’s also got safety locks to keep your camera in place - basically - once it’s clipped in, it’s not going anywhere! 


Peak Design started out as a Kickstarter project that was successfully funded and since then have brought out quite a few different products.  They have recently brought out the POV kit which is designed for a GoPro which looks pretty handy too and is available at Action Gear - I‘ll be testing that out in the next month.  Have a look at the Peak Design website for a full list of their products. 


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