Crazy iPhone 6 Pics.

Crazy Iphone 6 Pics. With iPhone users already waiting eagerly for the iPhone 6 to hit stores, many rumours of its specs and designs have started to pop up.

And with Apple having released a new iPhone every year for the last 3 years, the lovely iPhone lovers are expecting a new one to come out year end. Incredibly. Due to all the speculation and gossip, a few people around the world have been releasing designs of possible iPhone 6s. Real, leaked or fake, you be the judge.

Out flowing screen iPhone.

Transparent iPhone verson

 Transparent iPhone verson.

Bendable iPhone Version.

Handwatch iPhone Version

 iPhone 6 multi couloured version.

iPhone with Fingerprint reader.

Crazy huh? What do you think about these iPhone 6 concepts? Let know on facebook or on twitter.

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