Dark Days Ahead

Load-shedding, South Africa’s favourite pastime. Well not exactly a public favourite but defiantly something that all of us have had intimate contact with at some point. The ugly gremlin known as load-shedding, is back to turn perfectly good evenings at home into a nights of disappointment and boredom. With Eskom’s latest announcement of periodic electricity cuts to Jo’burg neighbourhoods, no-one will find the darkness and lack or power enjoyable.

Nothing is worse than coming home to a dark house after a long hard day. No cooking dinner, no coffee, no Game of Thrones, no nothing. Fortunately Action Gear will you let you in on a few tips and items to get you through powerless days and nights.

Power Gorilla


This little device will give an extra boost of power when the need comes. Included in the package is a 3.0 USB cable allowing you to charge a variety of USB capable devices, Smartphone? Check. Tablet? Check. The Power Monkey also allows you to charge laptops directly for added connivance with selectable 8.4v, 9.5v, 10.5v, 12v & 19v modes. The integrated LCD screen with keep vitals of power supply and stored power levels, all on a backlit screen.

Power Monkey Explorer

If the all mighty power of the sun is within your sight, this one is for you. The Power Monkey Explorer allows you to charge your device using solar energy. Sunlight against the solar panels coverts into stored energy and can then be relayed via USB or DC. Its outer shell is water resistance to protect the Explorer from splashes of rain or water. Available in 5 colours, the Explore will meet both your power and style demands.

Gorilla Torch Switchback  

For the miners at heart, the Switchback is a simple to use torch and headlamp package. It uses a series of LED’s to emit a combined, concentrated beam of light. The holographic film of the lamp gives this Gorilla Torch a gorgeous matte light output. Good for those cold, candle-lit dinners. The main light panel is also detachable and can then be worn around the head with the help of the included headstrap. 

Red E Powerbank Premium

Similar to the Power Gorila and Power Monkey, The 6000mah Powerbank by Red E is made for smaller devices and gadgets. It allows for charging of up to 3 devices at a time and comes standard with USB connecter, mini USB connector, Apple 30 pin and Lightning connecter and Nokia pin.

It’s hard to have to go through even one hour without the help of our buddy electricity but hopefully our quick load-shedding relief guide will pull you closer toward the light.All these products and more are available on our website www.actiongear.co.za or over the phone orders on  011 781 1323..