Dash camera catches footage of Pinetown Crash.

The unfortunate news of 24 lives being lost on the Field Hill road (M13) in Pinetown has left Pinetown residents feeling both angry and uneasy.

On Saturday the 7th of September, South Africans woke up to horrible broadcasts of the footage of an accident involving six vehicles (including a 22 wheeler truck) and six lanes across.

Pinetown residents have set out to have the use of the M13 road by trucks banned. They say that most truck drivers use the road to bypass using the tollgate located on the N3.

A video clip captured from a dashboard camera that was in a car behind the accident has gone viral, gathering more than 650 000 views on YouTube at the time of this posting.

The footage clearly shows 3 cars waiting for the traffic light to turn green, then driving off on green with the truck slamming into them from the right side after 2 seconds.

The footage was captured by a Rock Solid Industries staff member.