Discovering the new GoPro mounts and accessories

Monday, 6 July, GoPro launched their newest model, the Hero4 Session. This is the latest action camera from the industry leaders and it gets us pretty excited. Together with the launch of the Hero 4 Session, GoPro also released a whole bunch of new accessories and mounts that will make your GoPro experience a lot more fun. It is always exciting to see what GoPro will think of next, and with smaller camera's like the Geco cam releasing in South Africa soon, customers are just loving the choice and range of cameras and accesories.

First I am going to list all the products and then go into detail with each of GoPro's additions separately:


  • The Strap

  • The Jam

  • The Frames (Hero 4 Session)

  • Floaty ( Hero 4 Session)

  • Lens replacement kit for Hero 4

  • The Casey

  • The Windslayer

The Strap:


First on the list is the Strap. Strap your GoPro to your hand, wrist, arm or leg to capture hands-free ultra immersive POV footage, one-of-a-kind selfies and more. Includes an extended strap that fits around your arm, leg or larger objects. Features 360° rotation and tilt that let you adjust your capture angle on the fly.

The Jam:


Mount your GoPro to almost anything on stage to give you and your fans an immersive new perspective of performances, rehearsals and jam sessions. The Jam can be used on guitar headstocks, drum hoops, keyboards, brass instruments, mic stands and more. Its highly adjustable design can be customized to three different lengths for extreme capture flexibility. The ability to grip countless objects, including super slim shapes, makes it a great mounting option for activities beyond music.

The frame for Hero 4 Session:


The frame is the only way, so far, to mount your Hero 4 Session to your various GoPro mounts. Although the name is the same, it is not the same as the Frame mount for the traditional Hero models. On other models, the Frame offers only a slim and simple way to mount the camera and offers no protection. On the Hero 4 Session, the camera itself is waterproof, so the Frame acts solely as the mounting device.

The floaty for Hero 4 Session:


This easy-to-spot flotation wraps around your HERO4 Session to keep it afloat. It’s specially designed to protect your camera, while also giving you easy access to the shutter button. Floaty is perfect for worry-free shooting in and around the water while surfing, snorkelling, wakeboarding and more.

Lens replacement kit for Hero 4:

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This kit contains everything you need to replace the glass lens cover on your HERO4 Session. Includes two replacement lens covers, seals, screws and a screwdriver for hassle-free repairs.

The Casey:


Casey is the perfect travel and storage solution for your GoPro. It’s small enough to fit inside a backpack, but large enough to carry your HERO cameras, plus essential mounts and accessories. The weather-resistant, semi-rigid shell guards against light rain and snow. A padded interior protects your camera, while removable dividers let you create customized compartments for any gear setup. Includes a pull-out pouch for smaller grab-and-go accessories like batteries, thumb screws, microSD cards and more.

The Windslayer:



This foam windscreen reduces wind noise to enhance audio capture during high-speed activities or in windy environments. It’s designed for use with The Frame or handheld shooting with just the camera. The flexible foam material wraps around the camera for a secure fit and stretches on and off for easy removal. Reduces wind noise to enhance audio capture

  • Ideal for high-speed activities or windy environments

  • Compatible with the camera alone, or the camera mounted in The Frame

  • Flexible foam material wraps around the camera for a secure fit

  • Stretches on and off for easy removal

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