DJI Flying Experience Review

Saturday 9th May, Action Gear Team partnered up with DJI to bring our customers a 'DJI Flying Experience'. We got to test, fly and learn about the latest and greatest from DJI and the more experienced pilots got to talk specs from some of the best drone pilots in S.A. thanks to DJI. We thought it best to get someone new to drones but not new to film and photography, to give us their opinion of how things went down. We asked Byron Van Gool, a film student at AFDA to give us a fresh prespective. Here's what he had to say...

I attended an event recently – a joint venture between Action Gear and DJI – the launch of the Phantom 3. The day started out as most good days do, early. A large group of like-minded people met at the Delta Park School in Randburg, to learn, share ideas and of course have fun. Woah, hold on… DJI? Action Gear?

DJI Flying Experience

DJI manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles for photography and videography – or more simply, drones and everything related to them. This is where Action Gear comes in. Online specialists in high tech sports gear. Basically, if you are looking for top quality sporting apparatus (including DJI drones) Action gear is the place to find it, with great service and after sales support.

This 'mirco' expo had the perfect mixture of instruction and practical engagment with the drones and then technical breakdowns. We started off with a brief overview and jumped straight into our smaller groups. Yes, I started out with all the newbies who had never operated a craft like this before – but before I knew it I was there asking for the technical details and budgeting in my mind to see when I can get one of my own.

We were given an introduction to the range of Phantom crafts as well as the Inspire 1. I flew the Phantom 2 Vision, which was ample experience in allowing me to be amazed by these crafts. The speed, the stability, the responsiveness and the possibilities. As a film student, I was ready to shoot an entire film right there and then. The shots we could take physically excited me.

You know how you often lay in bed and wish you were able to take that amazing picture from 1km above the ground, and that beautiful landscape video across the 2km radius of your neighborhood? Or perhaps your needs are a little more modest than that, but with the capacity to do all of this you will definitely be satisfied. I could go on telling you about the 4k resolution, the real-time camera feed, the perfectly stabilized camera or the fact that you can never lose these craft with their automatic ‘return home’ function – but I wont. I’d rather tease you with these small snippets and suggest heading to explore the Action Gear website.

If you are looking for a professional drone that you can rely on to get you the shot you want – easily and effectively – the Phantom 3 is for you. The only down side? As I said, I don’t have one of my own… yet.

Thanks Action Gear for the Rad experience!
Check out pictures from the day - HERE

Cheers, Byron Van Gool
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DJI Flying Experience - Action Gear