Do one thing every day that scares you

We left Oslo at 6:30am, got onto a train for 9 hours heading towards Bryne. From Bryne we got onto a bus for an hour to Stavanga and then caught a Ferry to our final destination - Preikestolen, which was about 45 minutes away. Starting our hike at 8:30 pm we reached the top 2 hours later! We were the only people at the top when this shot was taken and it was amazing to be the only people on top of Pulpit rock. It was something my friend and I spoke about often, we call it Hikers euphoria. You will only know what I mean when you summit your first mountain, and I'm pretty sure those that have know it's effects. It's a feeling like no other. We soon headed back down due to the temperatures getting quite icy. Getting home around 12pm and just to add it's still light outside, making it feel like we were in the deathly hallows, wind blowing, bringing an ominous feeling to the air.

So the thing about Norway is that it's very expensive, I'm talking R35 a coke to help put it into perspective. So we starting our hike we snuck in a sneaky mission to the super market which was about a 15 minute drive and randomly met this very beautiful Norwegian tourist guide who offered to drop us off when she finished her shift. She just added that we had to find our own way home. We had one major shopping session... pasta, eggs, bread, chocolate spread, jam, cottage cheese, the whole shabang. We hitched a ride back and these 3 Norwegian girls were more than happy to give my mate and I a lift home, it's the little things. Anyway, we do our hike and gett home at 12pm, so tired but so excited to eat again. Attempting to cook our food, as we have no idea how this stove works. Turned out we had no electricity, thus headed to the hotel reception and met a very interesting guy named Tommy who was working the night shift. He offered to cook the food we had bought earlier from the super market and our night ended on such a high. Oh and 5 matches on tinder...

@legus03 and I are now off to Odda to hike up Trolls Tongue. #betheadventure #livetheadventure #getinvolved #adventure2015


Pulpit Rock

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