Drift Ghost S Review

Drift Innovations have come to be known as a serious player is the world of action cameras. The popularity of their HD Ghost model camera has seen a steady growth since its release. Unique form factor, build in LCD display and rotating lens are all the features that have made it one of the most loved shooters on the market.

As a follow up to the glorious Ghost, Drift have released their new Ghost S model to critical acclaim. Like many brands that aim to release follow up cameras, Drift Innovation was faced with the dilemma of trying to make an already marvellous camera, even better.

The Ghost S tackles this dilemma head on. Still shooting in full 1080p HD, it now features video capture at 60 fps, while still allowing settings into 30 and 25fps. When switched to 720p, video can be set to an additional 120 and 100 fps.  It now also features a brand new Sony CMOS senor that captures vivid colour and performs stunningly under low light conditions. Another new feature on the Ghost S is the scene modes selection option and the ability to switch between normal, vivid or low light settings simply. Scene mode simplifies set-up relevant to the lighting conditions. In low light setting, the Ghost S automatically adjusts the sensor to provide the best image quality possible.

The Drift Ghost S lasts a little longer and successfully achieves a 3 hour battery life. This is ideal for participants of long distance sports activities such endurance and rally racing.

Still a top of the range option, the Ghost is especially good for users looking for a low-profile, aerodynamic camera, that still achieves brilliant, full HD video. Perfect for Motocross or BMX riders, mountain bikers and lovers of off-road motor sports.

Key new features: 12MP still image capture, 1080p at 60fps, improved low light capture.3 hour video.

For more info on the Drift Ghost S, visit www.actiongear.co.za for detailed descriptions and product videos.