Drift releases the new Ghost S


Hot on the heels of GoPro’s Hero 3 + release, International action camera company Drift Innovation have released their new boosted Drift Ghost S. Drift Innovation has pushed its way to leading brand status by consistently releasing practical value for money, high quality action cameras. Its latest offering is no different.

First of all, the design of the Ghost S is identical to the older version (aside from the little ‘S’ next to the word Ghost…ofcoarse). It still has the praised rotating lens, 2” LCD screen and weather sealing.Additionally, new features include new improved low-light recording, making shooting at night just that much easier. A new feature tech heads will love is the S’s ability to now record 1080p High Definition @ 60 frames per second, capturing even faster images for even better video quality.

Next, Drift has added the ability for the camera to automatically tag a certain video or still image with the users desired time code.

The Drift Ghost S with it's 300 degree rotating lens.

The Ghost S with the LCD Screen in view.

The Drift Ghost S includes Audio out, Mini USB and HDMI Out.

New Features:

  • 1080p at 60fps video
    Double the frame-rate for our sharpest image quality yet. Relive your adventures in rich, vibrant HD.
  • 3.5-hour Battery Life
    Super-efficient and primed for epic sessions with the longest battery life in its class.
  • Scene Mode
    Normal, Vivid or Low-Light video modes – whatever the environment, the Ghost-S excels.
  • Clone Mode
    Multi-camera control from one master Ghost-S – seamless head cam synchronization.
  • Bit Rate
    Adjustable video compression for the best quality video playback.
  • Slow Shutter Mode
    Excellent low-light capability with dynamically adjusting shutter.

Drift cameras still offer some of the best battery life you'll find out there and with the action cam market having new entries all the time, Drift has been and is looking to remain a solid buy for outdoor enthusiasts.

As the Ghost S looks set to be released in South Africa in  early January, Action Gear has put together a few bundles that offer great discounts on the cult- favourite, the Drift Ghost. Get a Drift bundle for a variely of sports and activities. From motorsport to paintball to camping, we have your bundle. Check out our awesome Christmas Special Bundles here.