Father and Son Trip

My dad and I always used to talk about all the adventurous things we would do, but as life got in the way, we hardly ever did any of them. About two weeks ago, I decided that it was time to finally commit to all those promises and seeing as though my dad was free that weekend, it seemed like the perfect time to go mountain biking. Only problem was, neither of us had a mountain bike.

My Dad and I

After having done some research, we came across Cycleworks in Knysna which allowed us to hire decent Titan 29’ers. We collected the bikes from the shop, and headed off to ride the red Harkerville mountain bike trail in the Tsitsikamma forest. The trail is rated a difficulty of 8/10 on the Sanparks website. Seeing as though we were both experienced cyclists, we did not take the warning too seriously. After having walked up a few high inclines, we soon realized we might have underestimated the difficulty of this trail.

The view

We kept going, and finished the route in just under 3 hours (the average duration is between 3 and 5 hours). The scenery was absolutely beautiful and diverse, ranging from thick forests to high mountains. The whole experience brought us much closer and we had a blast of a time! During the ride, I filmed using the official GoPro headstrap mount, as well as the DS aluminium handlebar extension mount, which I recently purchased from Action Gear.

We'd just like to say thanks to Eduard and his Dad for sharing their trip with the Action Gear Team.


 My Dad Eduard - Me