Filters for your GoPro

If you already own a GoPro camera you will be familiar with the jaw dropping cinematic HD images and videos it can produce. This tiny and versatile camera really comes in handy for any kind of activity you would like to capture and with it's wide angled fixed lens, it doesn't really offer the opportunity to set your camera for various environments. 

If you think about it - that kinda defies the purpose of an action camera if you had to fidget with the settings while skydiving, mountain biking and rock climbing. That's where the GoPro Filters come in handy and is an easy clip on solution for various objectives. We look at a few of them below:

Aqua Red Filter

The Slim Frame Glass Filter is a snap on glass filter The aqua red coloured filter is essential in eliminating the overly blue colour of sea water when shooting. This filter is best used in water between 4 and 24 meters as this the the depth with the least natural red light.



Aqua Magenta Filter



The Magenta coloured glass filter is a snap on glass filter for use with you GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 3+. The magenta coloured filter is essential in eliminating the overly green colour of sea water when shooting.


Glass Macro Filter


This macro lens filter gives your GoPro the ability to capture crystal clear, sharp close up. Set up is simple, clip the lens onto the front of your Hero's dive housing and your ready to take stunning close ups.

This lens is great for those close ups of underwater creatures or for outdoor close ups of flowers.


Switchblade Macro and Red Filter


The Switchblade 3 is a combination of 2 filters in one. It combines a Red filter for colour correction of overly blue water and glass macro filter for capturing close up shots. Both Red and macro filter slide out for quick and easy use of one or the other.


Naked Neutral Density Filter

This filter actively slows down the cameras automatic shutter speed by tricking the camera into thinking there is less light in front of the lens thus slowing down shutter speed.This change in shutter speed greatly reduces the 'jello effect' and wobble. 

With shutter speed slowed, moving objects can have a slight motion blur.


Polariser Filter

This glass made filter is geared at use in bright conditions near snow and water and prevents unwanted sun glare and prevents over exposure. It’s easy clip on mechanism makes installation a breeze.

Made from hyper scratch resistant glass to ensure crystal clear optics and scratch resistance.


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