Finding the Perfect Outdoor Torch

The weekend’s coming up and you and your mates have planned the ultimate camping trip complete with bundu bashing and dust covered skin tones. Camping goodies all packed and ready except you're missing one more thing. The place you’re going no electricity. No electricity means limited use of your devices and you are going need a good outdoor torch for the evenings.

How do you choose the right torch that works well in the outdoors environment? Well there are a couple of options in this department, so there are a few things to consider when looking at getting a good outdoor torch. Ask yourself a few questions;

What I am I going to use this torch for?  

First you need to identify what type of environment you need to use this for. Are you going to have to use this torch hands free or is there going to be a stable surface for you to place it on.

The GorillaTorch Original gives you the ability to use it hands free or place it on and against a number of odd surfaces thanks to its flexi leg stand technology and magnetic feet. Around trees, hanging from tent tops or attached to metal, the GorillaTorch Original does the job.


GorillaTorch Original

How long am I going to use it out there?

Battery life in this regard is very important. Are you coming to use it as your main light in the evenings or do you need to use it for periodically on certain action filled activities?

The GorillaTorch Switchback helps in both cases. It offers a massive maximum of 72 hours of battery life so can easily be used continually for long periods of time. It can also be used as a headband torch on the go and also as a lantern in more stable situations.

How much am I willing to spend?  

It’s always been said that the more expensive the product, the better the quality,but how do you get a good quality torch without paying too much.

The Gorilla Blaze offers a good middle ground in this regard as it gives the user good value for money. It uses the same flexi leg stand technology as the rest of the GorillaTorch range while offering powerful and bright 130 lumens light output. It also has wall charge and USB charge capability. Added features include a removable torch head, rechargeable battery and magnetic feet for metal surface attachment.

Choosing the right torch for outdoor use can be both fun and stressful but hopefully this guide has made planning for an outdoor trip a little less hectic.