Is The Game Up For Contour?

With the action camera market getting bigger and bigger with new entrants, Contour is the latest to make an immediate exit. On the 6th August, the Contour +2 , Contour Roam2 and all accessories and mounts were suddenly taken off their website. Tech website, GeeWire was the 1st to report that the company would be going under but all word from the site and others were deemed rumours. Employers were shocked to find out on the morning of the 6th that they would no longer be working for the company.

Contour's Roam action camera.

The reasons for the company leaving the industry are quite vague but the major factor though to be a reason the long-time dominance of rival GoPro.

Contour has yet to make any official statements about the exit, although company co-founder Marc Barros has blogged about the situation, placing the blame on Contour's customers for holding expectations too high.

This news has come as a surprise to those outside of the company as well by all appearances Contour had been continuing the growth that began in 2004, when it was founded by Marc Barros and Jason Green

Back in 2012, Contour was listed as Inc. magazine's Fastest Growing Company List, coming in at the 277th spot with a growth of 1,303% and revenue of $27.3 million. Although impressive, Contour's numbers were much lower than GoPro’s numbers who grossed $521 million in 2012.

The Contour raom and the GoPro Hero

With the action camera sector heating up with each new entrant and the consumer power houses of Sony and JVC and the like, consumers wait to see who will be the next to drop.

Thankfully Action Gear has a wide variety of action cameras and mounts ready for use.

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