Geo-tag your photos and videos with the i-GotU GPS Logger

Cameras seem to have reached a point where the quality is as good as it can get (hopefully we're wrong on this!) so now a lot of the manufacturers have turned their focus to including a heap of extra features to ensure that their camera is better than their competitors. One of the features which some camera brands have played around with is including a GPS feature so that each photo and video would have a "geo-tag" which positions your photo on a Google Map later on. This happens to be an awesome feature! 

This geo-tagging feature is pretty cool but we've seen varying accuracy of the GPS co-ordinates and sometimes you need to compromise on the picture quality in order to have the feature enabled. So, we've found a solution that works with any old camera :) 

The i-GotU GPS Logger is a clever little device which doesn't do much except ride along with you while you're out snapping photos and taking videos. The real magic happens later when you sync up your photos to the iGotU and it cleverly maps then all with the accurate GPS co-ords.

Geo-tagging your photos this way makes a lot more sense to us as you can use the iGotU with any camera and you don't have to compromise on the quality of the shots taken. It works especially well with action sports cameras because us adventurous people like to know where in the world we got that one incredible shot! 

A great tip on using the i-GotU is that you must make sure that the time and date is set up correctly on both your camera and the i-GotU GPS Logger. If these aren't both correctly set up then it'll position your photos in all the wrong places.