Go Explore - New Suunto Traverse

Ryno Griesel, Warrick Kernes and Chris Frankiskos go exploring and test out the brand new SUUNTO TRAVERSE in the Magaliesberg.

It’s a never before seen device, a new type of watch aimed at the adventurer in all of us. Suunto launched the Traverse, a watch designed specifically for hikers, campers and the average Joe Explorer.

Why? If you are a Suunto user, you will know about their current Ambit 3 range. The Ambit range caters for 3 specific markets; runners, multisport “machines” and peak mountain athletes. Well, we aren't all runners, multisport men or at the peak of our physical careers, we don’t need multisport function or a specific break down of our heart rate zone and planned recovery. Sometimes, all we need is a little guidance in the mountains and proof that we did the hike. That’s what the Suunto Traverse is all about.

What’s different? The Traverse is an adventurer’s watch through and through. While based on the Ambit, the Traverse has a number of features new to the market and sports watch game; each tailored to the hiker, camper and outdoor enthusiast in us. In addition to what you will find on an Ambit Peak 3, the traverse also has:

Auto Activity Start, Save Location (POI) Shortcut, Map Reading Torch (LCD Display Brightness), Vibration Alerts, Bread Crumb Trail Recording in addition to the planned route, Track Back, HR Recording, Full time home screen, full time sunrise and sunset and improved route planning on Movescount. There are plenty more to mention, but I am sure you get the point!

However, as it is not the new flagship device, it doesn’t feature everything the Ambit 3 Peak does. Some differences include:

A smaller battery life, less detailed HR Recording, No multisport functions.

The Traverse is new and I think we can only expect amazing things from this first step in the adventure watch market.

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 *Words and Images: ©TerenceVrugtman | AdventureLife.co.za

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