GoPro Buy Back with Action Gear

So you were an early adopter and saw the potential of GoPro, jumping on the opportunity to record the moments that meant the most to you. Now you own a GoPro and as time has gone by you've seen the progress of GoPro and even though you love your GoPro, you'd like to get with the times and make use of the technology and features GoPro has impressed us with over the years. GoPro is always getting better and making innovative moves forward.

With Action Gear you can now upgrade your GoPro experience! You can now trade in your trusty Hero 3 White Editions, Hero 3 Black Edition and Hero 3+ Black Edition, and recieve a substaintial discount on your new GoPro purchase.

We have especially great deals on the Hero 3 White Edition so don't miss out! 

In order to make use of the 'GoPro Buy Back' offer, contact us on 011 781 1323 or emails