GoPro Hero+ LCD, what you need to know

A Few months ago I added a GoPro Hero to my arsenal and I was thoroughly impressed with the bang for buck capabilities of the unit. What impressed me most was the great battery life this model offers, often being able to record more than 2 and a half hours on a single charge. At the end of July, GoPro will be launching an upgraded model, known as the HERO+ LCD. This unit is an attempt to bridge the gap between the entry-level Hero and the Hero 4 Silver.

                                         Hero+ LCD

Here is a comparison table of camera features:



Hero+ LCD

Still photos

5 MP @ 5 frames per second

8 MP @ 5 frames per second

Video quality

1080p @ 30 frames per second

720p @ 60 frames per second

720p with Superview @ 60 fps

1080p @ 60 frames per second

720p @ 60 frames per second

720p with Superview @ 60 fps

GoPro has added a few new features to the Hero to create the Hero+ LCD

  • HiLight tag button.

  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth connectivity

  • Touch sensitive LCD screen.

                                  Hero+ LCD

Here are some Pros and Cons of the Hero+ LCD


  • Stunning video quality

  • Affordability

  • Battery life

  • Compatible with most GoPro mounts and accessories

  • Addition of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows use of GoPro app.

  • LCD screen makes framing up of shots a lot easier.


  • While cheaper than other GoPro models, it is still expensive.

  • Camera moulded into housing does not allow for battery to be swapped.

Features and specifications: (7 out of 10)

The HERO+ LCD user interface will be similar to that of any other GoPro, be it the HERO 3, 3+ or 4, but is made simpler due to the fact that it has less features than the rest of the range. There are three video resolutions to choose from:

  • 1080p @ 60 fps with ultra wide field of view.

  • 1080p @ 30 fps with ultra wide field of view.

  • 720p @ 60 fps with ultra wide field of view.

  • 720p @ 50 fps with ultra wide field of view.

  • 720p SuperView* @ 60 fps.

  • 720p with SuperView* @ 50 fps.

*SuperView is a new video setting included with the HERO that changes the aspect ratio of the video so that you get an even taller and wider video.

Hero+ LCD

Photo settings

  • 8 megapixel still photos.

  • 8MP still photos @ 5 fps burst.

  • 8MP still photos @ 0.5 second intervals on time-lapse.

Earlier I mentioned a few added features that will make your GoPro experience a lot easier.

First of all, and most importantly, is the addition of the LCD screen. The LCD screen not only allows you to frame your shots perfectly, which creates better footage, you can access all the camera settings from an easy-to-use touch driven user-interface. Although the LCD screen allows for a more pleasant experience, it will affect the battery life quite a lot. To get the perfect balance, use the LCD to frame your shot and then switch it off.

Another great feature is the HiLight tag button, which creates a digital bookmark on your footage when opened in the GoPro Studio or GoPro App, so that you can easily find that awesome moment.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will allow for connection to smartphones and tablets via the GoPro App and GoPro Wi-Fi and Smart Remote.

Video quality:  (8 out of 10)

GoPro pride themselves in giving their products some of the best quality video recording capabilities on the market, and it shows. This is where investment in a GoPro pays off. Most people think that a GoPro and one of its competitors recording at 1080p is going to look the same, but the truth is it doesn’t. The general measurements for video quality are colour accuracy and visual “noise” (blurring due to vibration in the camera). Bearing in mind that the HERO+ LCD is smaller than your palm, it packs a huge punch. This little gem can deliver cinema quality video. It all comes down to how you mount your camera. A more stable mount will produce better quality video.  Colour accuracy is almost near perfect, with subjects in the footage looking near to real-life.

Arguably the feature that makes GoPro’s so effective as an point-of-view camera, is its fish-eye lens.

In a nutshell, a fish-eye lens creates a wider viewing angle by rounding out the image, allowing the camera to record a more immersive field of view.

Overall impressions

As soon as I can get my hands on one of these units, I will do a full-on review covering all the aspects of the Hero+ LCD. My opinion is that this camera will perfectly fill the gap between entry-level and top-of-the-range models. Head to Hero+ LCD page and joining the waiting list to be one of the first to own a GoPro Hero+ LCD.