GoPro Hero4 review by Dylan Haskin

I recently got my hands on the new GoPro 4 Silver Edition!

This is the only Gopro that has a built in screen. Specs wise it’s very similar to the Gopro 3+ Black Edition with a few extras like the night time time laps mode. The body is the same size as the previous model and so is the housing. 



I really liked their new menu layout which has made it much easier to change settings quickly. 

You also have full access to the menu on the touchscreen at the back provided it’s not inside the underwater housing. The screen quality is really great and playing back your footage is super clear. 

Having the screen on all the time is going to drain the battery but you are able to keep it switched off and turn it on when you need it. 


The GoPro 4 also a new battery compartment which is awesome. I ended up tearing off that little paper flap on my Gopro 3’s battery which made it really hard to get the battery out but that whole system has been redesigned now and works great. 


Unfortunately I only had it for an afternoon so I didn't get to do an in-depth review but what I saw I really loved. Ah man, I can’t wait until they are released into the South African wild! 


I put together some photos of shots from my run. Shot at 1080p 60fps using a GoPole. Edited with Gopro studio.


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