Ultimate Immersion with GoPro Spherical Solutions

It seems like just yesterday that virtual reality was a thing of the future, but the reality is, the future is already here. Google Cardboard has made it's rounds and still continues to break peoples misconceptions of VR. GoPro has now come to the table and joined forces with Kolor, an industry-leading company in virtual reality productions. You are probably wondering how GoPro is planning to utilise virtual reality. The answer is simple: interactive videos and photos.

Spherical media enables a range of immersive viewing experiences and is an essential building block of virtual reality (VR), a technology poised to transform entertainment, education and other industries. Kolor's solutions enable users to combine multiple photographs or videos to produce high-resolution panoramic or spherical content that can be enjoyed on mobile devices, the web or in a virtual reality environment.




Check out this video below to demonstrate the technology:

When you watch the video, click on the image and drag your mouse around. The field-of-view will move around, you can also zoom in and out.

Brad Edwards, Action Gear's Digital Marketing Manger found this awesome video by German photographer Jonas Ginter, who spent two years perfecting his “little planet” effect for this timelapse video, which sees Ginter creating a 360° world using panoramic photographs by taking numerous shots and then stitching them all together to create a spherical panorama. He used 6 GoPro cameras to capture the footage which were supported by a structure he created using a 3D printer. Now with the spherical solution things are a lot simpler.

How does it work?

The sphere houses six, yes six, GoPro units each facing in a different direction. If you look at it, you might think that it is just a confusing mess of cameras pointing in the wrong direction, but that’s where Kolor comes into the picture. Their software allows the editor to “stitch” together the footage to create either panoramic or full 360° interactive footage. Be warned though, editing will not be an easy job.


Motorsports is one sports discipline I think that will be able to use the technology, for example mounting the rig on the roof, so that the viewer can see 360* panoramic action of the race.

The Spherical Solutions “ball” will be available from GoPro, although no official launch date has been released.

Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to experience this product hands-on. I think that GoPro is going to benefit greatly from this product as they will be one of the first consumer accessible virtual reality creating devices.

Written by, Jacques Viljoen

Edited by, Brad Edwards