GoPro Studio 2.0

So you have tons of beautify captured Full HD footage from a weekend’s worth of outdoor adventure. What do you do with all that GoPro footage? This were the GoPro Studio 2.0 comes in.

It lets you easily drag and drop captured footage to create amazing videos by making us of effects and changes like colour and contrast adjustment, cropping and resizing and speed.

The great thing about the GoPro Studio is that it is optimized to work with any footage captured with the GoPro. Meaning any video clips, even those with different resolutions and frame rates can be used together in a sequence. No more time wasted on file conversions.

A great new feature on the 2.0 version is the use of templates. The wonderful people at GoPro noticed that their customers really enjoyed watching the promo videos that the company would put. Fans then started to storm GoPro with questions and request for more info on how to achieve the same look and feel for their own videos, Well GoPro has listen to their calls and have added templates that can be used to achieve the same look and feel.

Key Features

  • GoPro Edit Templates for making GoPro Style videos.
  • Trim, edit and mix videos.
  • Add titles, music and audio tracks.
  • Fisheye adjustment control.
  • Video Speed Adjustment.
  • Canon, Nikon, .mp4 and .mov file support.

The GoPro Studio 2.0 makes creating good looking reels simple and lets you achieve professional looking video.

You can download GoPro 2.0 here on the GoPro website