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The GoPro Time Lapse Bundle is a perfect combination of items suited to your GoPro products. The Time Lapse Bundle features the Skeleton Housing unit, GoPro Spare Lens Kit, Combo Cable, Roll Bar Mount and the Red-E 4000mAh PowerBank to not only keep your GoPro camera safe and scratch free, but able to capture awesome shots and charge your camera on the go.

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The GoPro Time Lapse Bundle – OARP is a great deal for those who are looking for extras for their cameras. The Time Lapse Bundle is composed of five great items that work perfectly with GoPro cameras. The first item is the Skeleton Housing for GoPro Hero3 that gives your camera access to USB and HDMI ports, it has enhanced audio capture and a cooling system for low speed activities. The Skeleton Housing is not suitable for water and is to be used in dry conditions only. The second item is the GoPro Spare Lens Kit. The Spare Lens Kit replaces the housing lens if it gets damaged, and makes the repairs easy to perform and quick to replace the damaged lens. The Combo Cable that allows you to plug in a microphone and take a VGA feed and connect to the GoPro Hero3 with USB power. The Roll Bar Mount gives you the opportunity to mount your GoPro to any large pole or roll bar such as scaffolding on a stageThe Red-E 4000mAh PowerBank can power your GoPro for up to five hours. The Red-E 4000mAh PowerBank has a USB and Mini-USB output to power or charge up two devices simultaneously.

Tech Specs of the Time Lapse Bundle:

  • GoPro Hero3 Skeleton Housing: USB and HDMI ports, enhanced audio and cooling system
  • GoPro Spare Lens Kit: 2 Lenses, 2 seals, screws and screwdriver
  • GoPro Combo Cable: 3.5mm mic input and USB connectivity
  • The GoPro Roll Bar Mount: 3.5cm-6.35cm diameter tube/frame, can clamp onto metal and plastic
  • RED-E 4000mAh PowerBank: 7hour battery life, ¼” mounting point, USB and Mini-USB output points, dual charging ability

What’s in the Packaging:

  • 1 GoPro Hero3 Skeleton Housing
  • 1 GoPro Spare Lens Kit
  • 1 GoPro Combo Cable
  • 1 GoPro Roll Bar Mount
  • 1 RED-E 4000mAh PowerBank


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