Great places to mount your GoPro for mountain biking.

Mountain biking is one of the few adventure sports that offers new riders a chance to experience an extreme sport without fearing the danger of some of the other more scary adventure sports. If you are a mountain biker, chances are you’ve thought about capturing your rides on an action camera.  

Using an action camera to capture moments of jumps, slides, tree dodges and downhill dashes, can offer a rider a world of glorious recorded memories.  But having ‘glorious’ memories comes with a bit of planning and proper execution. It’s not as simple as slapping on a GoPro and riding.

Proper camera positioning and pointing direction can make the difference between a shaky, blocked shot and nice little pretty one.

In our Rider’s Guide, Action Gear will take a moment to go through a few things that will help you make the most of your MTB adventures.

On the Handle Bars.

Making use of a handle bar mount, this one is great for taking 1st person visuals of rides. This method keeps all the thrills and in-action shots that make using action cams so popular. The down side with this one however is that if mounted to a bike riding on trails with heavy bumps and dips, recorded footage can tend to be very shaken and jolty.


Just under the seat, pointed behind you.

This view will give you a unique perspective. Seeing the dust trailing behind you with quick changes of direction and trees swooshing past, will offer sweet recorded footage. This option also gives a great view of rival riders behind you. Bikes with rear suspension with lessen shaky and bumpy footage.

Chest Mount.

A firm favourite, riders have been choosing this mounting method for its stable shooting which disconnects the rider from the bike offering shots unique to the rider and not the bike. A chest mount is easy available for purchase for a wide variety of cameras.


Mounted on your Helmet.

The easiest and most popular. This point of view (POV) shot can be achieved by strapping your cam onto your helmet and riding away.

Add a twist to helmet mounting by strapping your cam to the chin or point it facing towards you by adding an extender arm to the helmet mount.


Having a rider ride behind you.

This is a method where a rider uses a method listed above, (preferably pointing forward) to shoot another rider who is front of them. This option will give you multiple shot distances and variety. Great for adding a more cinematic feel to your footage edits.


Ground Shots.

Placing a camera on the ground and blasting past it will give your edits stunning high paced visuals.

Adding a flip platform to the cam that flips when you ride over it, will add a fast passed action visual to the grounded shot.

Great cameras to consider for mountain biking.

GoPro Hero 3:  Waterproof/shockproof casing, rechargeable batteries, and multiple mounts included, auto white balance, Full HD, Wifi enabled.

Drift Ghost:  LCD viewfinder and remote control included. Rechargeable batteries, auto white balance, and 1080p. 

Contour:  (Discontinued) Simple bullet-style camera body, laser alignment, full HD, rechargeable battery.

Remember that Action Gear stocks a wide variety of action camera mounts and offer support and repair on any action product even if you didn't buy it from us :) .