GoPro HERO 4 Silver Edition, with Robert Bateman

For years GoPro has been the de facto in action cameras and although they have been given a healthy dose of competition they still seem to come out on top by keeping things the same on the outside yet ramping up the performance on the inside. I recently got to spend some one-on-one time with the new HERO 4 Silver and found it hard to stop playing with the pretty little thing.

I will avoid detail on some of the features that other Action GoPro HERO 4 Silver

Gear contributors have covered such as the time lapse feature which will keep you busy for hours, both shooting and looking for the perfect scene to shoot. Check out the cool footage and how-to here:

Chlick here to see 'How-to Time Lapse with GoPro'
There are two standout differences between the Hero 4 Black and Silver editions, the first being the 4K @30fps and the Superview** video options on the Black which is great if you are intending on submitting your video to National Geographic BUT (CAPS used intentionally) the Silver is equipped with a built in LCD touch screen for your viewing and framing pleasure and still gives you 4K video @15fps.

I mention framing as this now gives you the opportunity to line up your shot perfectly, where with other GoPro editions you pretty much just point the lens at your subject matter. The option to frame your subject matter opens up the GoPro to a wider audience that not only wants to shoot action video but also to those who wish to compose great stills. No, it’s not an SLR, but you are going to get some pretty good shots at 12Megapixels.

The LCD screen also adds a new dynamic to “action” photography and gives you more scope to play around with various photo or video trickery, and with the silver you don’t have to wait to download the results to check out your work.

I took some 1080p video @ 30fps video in low light and at speed on a bike as a test and the results are quite impressive based on the conditions. Video taken on Chapman’s Peak, Cape Town early morning.



A feature which has been part of GoPro for sometime and still remains a favorite of mine when cycling is the option to take stills at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 second intervals, not an exact science when it comes to photography but once you have discarded the random shots there are a few that end up a bit of a surprise. This shot from my handlebars as I crested Franschhoek Pass is not too bad for an accidental shot.

Franschhoek Pass

Battery time is well…. what it has been over the years and unfortunately nothing much has changed. At 1080p with 30fps I get around 100 minutes which is not bad but not great either, It would be great to see GoPro team up with a battery provider to get a bit more on this side.

Audible tones let you know if you have successfully started or stopped recording and the camera boasts a very visible front and rear LED activity indicator that lets you know if you are recording or not.

If you have never handled one before it comes in at a miniscule 147 grams with the standard housing and there are very few, if any, circumstances where the weight of the camera will become an issue.

The battery life issue takes little away from the overall awesomeness of the camera and in terms of value for money there is not much to rival the HERO 4 Silver; in my opinion the Silver is a cut above the Black as a complete package and definitely the one to go for.

**If you are not sure about Superview, basically the camera changes the aspect ratio to a wider view, great for anything that does not involve focal points on the edges.

Some of the very cool accessories that you may want to use with your GoPro Silver include:

  1. For additional hours of shooting - Wasabi Battery Power Pack for Hero 4 

  2. The GoPro bicycle mount is not great in my opinion as it tends to lose grip and slip down, I prefer to use these mounts depending on what I want to shoot – DS Aluminium Handlebar Mount Extension for GoPro or the GoPro Seat Rail Mount

  1. Great bicycle combo but avoid wet and dusty conditions with this one – Red-E Powerbank Bikebar Mount 


Hope you've enjoyed what I've had to say, and that you know a little more about your GoPro or which GoPro works best for you!

Cheers Robert Bateman,

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