How to Fix the ‘Jello Effect’ on a GoPro/Phantom Combination.

A common problem among GoPro fans that are quadcopter flyers, is the Jello Effect. This irritating little problem can cause beautifully shot footage to look like wobbling rubbish. The funny jelly like effect is caused by the interaction between the camera’s shutter speed and the vibration caused by the mounting of the camera on the Phantom or other copters.

Many refrain from setting up this camera and copter combination for fear of lost footage, but there are a few ways to ensure clean wobble free footage…here’s how.

Adding ND (Natural Density) Camera Filter.

This filter will darken the image slightly, allowing the camera to shot at a lower shutter speed due to the image being less bright.

Adding a Gymbal.

This will basically isolate the camera from the quadcopter thus absorbing more movement. The DJI made gymbal also gives you the ability to manually control the movements of the camera independently.



This is where a small pad, usually made from soft foam plastic, is slotted in between the cam and the mount. This is will allow the pad to absorb some of the quadcopter motion and reduce it transfer to the camera.


Adding that extra bit support or an accessory to your GoPro camera can be an easy and cost effective  method of eliminating  extra jello effected footage.