How to make an open style braai.

As National Braai Day gets closer and closer, South Africa will see scores of people looking to show off their braai skills at the many family get-togethers nationwide.

For a little bit of a twist to your braaing experience, why not try an open style braai. No braai stand, no problem, Action Gear will show you how to make a great open pit braai.

The great thing about an about an open style braai is that you can accommodate a wide variety of meat and create it to your specifications.

This method does not need a huge backyard but you’ll definitely want some space where you can dig up a bit.

WARNING: Do not use this method if there are high levels of wind in your area. Keep all kids away from the fire. Keep a fire extinguisher, a large bucket of water or sand handy.

What you will need:

1) Find a good spot that is flat and free of dead leaves or branches.

2) To make a Braai fire hole start by removing any top soil and plant roots. Use a stick and ruler to draw a circle 30cm to 40cm in diameter. Using a shovel, dig a hole in the ground 40cm deep. This hole with form the main part of your braai. Try to dig a wide base at the bottom of the pit to form a jug type shape that will offer more space for firewood and coal but allow for more direct flames and heat.

3) Make a Braai pit airway by digging a 1m length airway tunnel leading to the base of the main braai pit. The top of the two pits should be spaced about 30cm apart. This airway allows fresh air to filter down into the main fire to fuel it safely. As this happens hot air exits through the top of the fire and simultaneously creates an oxygen cycle.



4) To kindle fill the base of the pit with either fire lighters or crumpled up news paper.

5) Form a pyramid of coal on top of your kindling.

6) Light the kindling and allow the light fire to spread across the coals.

7) After 25 – 30 minutes check to see if the coals have turned a grey colour. When this happens, place you ATG Adventure Braai Grill.on top of the braai pit and allow it to heat for 10 -15 minutes. 

8) Add hardwood chips or fresh herds to the fire for an extra smoked taste to your meat.

Well there you have it, your guide on how to prepere an open style braai. This a good method for custom designed outdoor braais' and caters for full family sized cooking.

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