How To Spot a Fake Memory Card

With the wide spread availabilty of counterfeit memory cards in South Africa, it is sometimes difficult to spot a fake. Luckily we at Action Gear have completed a guide that will show you exactly how to spot the not.

Serial numbers don’t match.

On a fake card, the serial number on the card is different to the serial number on the packaging.

No serial number.

Real MicroSD cards all have a serial number on the bottom left of the face side.

No Class logo.

Counterfeit cards to do not have the class logo on the card. All genuine memory card manufacturers label the class of the card on the memory card and the packaging.

Slight design differences.

There are very subtle design differences between original and counterfeit cards. Original Sandisk SD cards have a small grove at the bottom whereas a fake one have a smooth bottom.

Misspelt brand names.

To avoid lawsuits, counterfeiters normally misspell brand names but keep the same font and colours to trick people in to thinking the card is the real thing.

Fake cards not only take away profits from local hard-working retailers but also directly causes memory card manufactures to drive up there prices to compensate for the loss.

Fake cards offer no warranty and may be incompatible with your device, wasting your hard-earned money.

Fortunately, Action Gear offers 100% genuine, high performance, Class 10 cards in stock for added piece of mind.

Have you ever come across a fake memory card? Let us know on or social media pages on @ActionGear and Action Gear on facebook.