How to update your GoPro Firmware

Action Gear's very own Product Expert, Mike Carey, explains how to update your GoPro firmware step by step.


  • Have your 15 digit serial number on hand.
  • To find your serial number, take out your battery and look to the left of the empty battery box.
  • Insert your MicroSD card into your camera.
  • Power on your GoPro.
  • Check the GoPro’s battery levels. You need to have at least two bars of power.
  • Connect camera to a computer with your USB charging cable.
  • Format your card so that all previous files and folders are deleted. (Backup any files you wish to save and keep).
  • Go to (on your PC’s web browser).
  • Click on ‘support’ tab.
  • Click on ‘product updates’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Start Update’ tab.
  • Enter your 15 digit serial number and basic information and select ‘next step’.
  • Select ‘Firmware update only’ and click on ‘next step’.
  • Select ‘download update’.
  • Once download has finished, enter the download folder on your PC and right click on the UPDATE folder.
  • Select ‘Extract’ on the right click tab and extract the zipped folder in the same “downloads folder’.
  • Open the new extracted folder and select ALL of the containing  files and copy.
  • Open the camera’s memory card folder on your PC eg ‘SANDSISK 32GB’ or ‘MICROSDCARD’.
  • Paste all the copied files in the empty connected camera’s card folder.
  • Once completed, eject your camera and it will then power itself off and back on a maximum of 4 times.
  • Allow camera to register new update.
  • Your GoPro is then ready to use.

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