IPhone 5s update

iPhone 5s update. As on-going gossip and rumours go on about the new iPhone release, a recent tweet by Fox News anchor Clayton Morris suggest that the new iPhone with be 31% faster.

“Sources are telling me the new iPhone A7 chip is running at about 31% faster than the A6. I’m hearing its’s very fast” tweet by @ClaytonMorris.

Possible Champane iPhone colour.

Rumoured Leaked photo of iPhone open.

After that recent tweet, he was also quick to add that he had also heard that another separate chip devoted to motion tracking could be added. This added chip performance would certainly put them on par with the higher level performance on rivals like HTC and Samsung.

The added motion tracking would also give the on-board camera better performance and  possibly give truth to the rumoured new 120fps slow motion feature. Only time will tell if these features actualy do make it onto the new iPhone device but patient consumers will be happy to know that  consumers, (USA) can expect a possible new release by the end of the year.

For people who are prepared to stick with their current iPhone model for the time being, there a range of products available to help make the most of your iPhone model. The Optrix XD5 is a great example of an extra accessory for the iPhone. The XDS is an add on  that turns your iPhone into an ultra-rugged sports camera complete with a waterproof casing and 3 attachable lenses.

The lenses are made from sapphire glass that is perfectly suited to enhance the already stunning HD 1080p capture. The  Optrix XD5 set gives you a choice of 3 lenses; wide angle, fish eye and a flat lens. The waterproof casing itself is bult with a waterproof rating of IPX8 which is the highest underwater rating possible for electrical devices. Perfect of any person looking to get good picture and video near or in water. 

Overall the great lenses and rugged waterproof casing make the Optrix XD5 a wonderful outdoor partner for someone looking to get the most out of there current iPhone.

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