Apple unveils iPhone new 5s & 5c.

The massive hype surrounding the release of the Apple iPhone 5S and 5c has people the world over buzzing.  

Apple has taken a huge step forward with its latest offering. The 5S tweaks just the right features of the iPhone 5 and has added an incredible new hi security feature called Touch ID. Touch ID is a unique fingerprint identification that lets you unlock the iPhone and also acts as a password for iTunes access.

“The scanner is designed to address the fact that about half of iPhone customers don't bother setting up a passcode”. Apple's Phil Schiller said at the official launch in Cupertino, California on Tuesday the 10th.


The new installed A7 chip, which is dual core like the iPhone 5 but is now 64 bit which as Apple claims, is two times as fast as the original.

The camera also gets an upgrade with the larger pixels and a new ‘True Tone’ system which adds two LEDs to the previous one. Apple have also added burst mode 120 frames per second video.

Cosmetically, Apple have added a two more colour variations in champagne gold and space grey.

New features on the iPhone 5s.

  • 2GB RAM.
  • Touch ID Fingerprint scanner.
  • iOS7 (64-bit).
  • TrueTone dual LED Flash System.
  • 14% Thinner.
  • Photoburst.

Apple also unveiled the budget version 5c which is essentially a watered down version of the current 5S featuring a plastic body (Available in a 5 colours), ios7 and improved LTE support.

While other smartphone makers have been busy in company buyouts and sales, Apple has remained an international leader and looks to takes another step forward in the latest battle of smartphone wars.