Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Door Lock.

The dream of having an all-electric home seems to be moving closer and closer. With the new Kwikset Kevo, locking and unlocking your home can be done safely from you smartphone.

Kwikset is the American company that specialises in digital and coded home security. Moving their products to the next level, they have unveiled their new Kevo product.

The Kevo is a clever device that enables the remote locking and unlocking of the deadbolt lock system. Opening a door equipped with Kevo is as simple as touching the lock. The lock 1st detects your proximity (through 4.0 technology) and checks that you’re personal and door eKey match, then unlocks your door.

The eKey is a digital, non-visible code that functions the same way as a hotel key card would work. It is fully unique and can also be sent securely to family members using the Kevo Mobile App.

The lock itself is style conscious and looks like your typical key lock from the outside. The Kevo lock does still keep manual key functions available for extra piece of mind.

Design wise, it’s hard to actually tell that is it’s something different to a standard deadbolt lock. This comes in key (funny) if you’re worried about catching any unnecessary attention. Colour variants are available in Satin Nickel, Polished Brass and Venetian Bronze.

Using the Kevo Mobile App allows you to have send eKeys between friends and family and help manage all of your Kevo door locks with one set of login details.

With Kwikset making security their main priority, The Kevo firstly detects whether the key holder is inside or outside of the house. It also uses military grade KPI encryption and is pick proof, making them that much more harder to break into. eKeys can be added, deleted and disabled using both the App and the internet.

For added use, the Kevo also include a clever key chain tag (The Fob) that allows you to unlock the Kevo should your smartphone not be available.

The only drawback of the Kevo is that the sensor allowing communication between The Fob and Kevo would need to be calibrated, which can take a little while to get right.

All-round the Kevo is a great piece of innovative technology that will surely catch on as home technology improves.

Action Gear Rating: 4 Stars.

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