Lily, flies itself...

If you have your finger on the pulse of the drone, FPV and camera market (or just love great new tech), then I’m sure you’ve started to hear the hype about 'Lily', a self-flying drone. This is the first product from Lily Robotics, a five-person company co-founded by recent Berkley grads. As easy as, Ready, Throw and Go! Lily requires no set up. Just throw Lily in the air to start a new video. Recording live video, streamed directly to your smart phone, is that simple.


Lily is a self-flying drone that follows a small tracker, held in your pocket or worn on your wrist. The tracker has a small, simple tap and action button, which executes a number of different flying manoeuvres.

The camera itself is at about the same level, in terms of filming quality, as the GoPro Hero 3 range, shooting 1080p video, or 720p up to 120 frames per second. Lily has a great action slow-mo function, the accelerometer detects sudden jumps and the slow-mo function kicks in, capturing that epic moment exactly when you need it.


-          Midnight Black Polycarbonate body, with brushed aluminium

-          Digital gimballing

-          Image stabilization

-          3-axis Gyro

-          Weight – 1.3 Kg

-          Waterproof IP67 rating

-          20 mins flight time

-          2 hour charge time

-          Max altitude 15m

-          Max speed 40 Km/h

-          Range of 30m



Lily’s optics are finely tuned to capture stunning pictures and video from the skys

-          1080p , HD at 60fps

-          120fps (Slow-mo at 720p)

-          12 mega-pixel stills, with 360 panorama function





The aim is to build a Lily small and light enough to carry in your pocket. Reminding me of the ‘Nixie’, a wrist worn selfie drone, which had its own hype a little while back, though they are still in the prototype phase.

When you open the box, Lily works and is ready to fly. Simply hold it out on your hand and press take-off, or my favourite, toss it up into the air, with a little dip to kick the accelerometer, the props spin and it hovers above you. From here on, go crazy and Lily will follow you in the flight/shooting mode of your choice using the tracker.

Some of the comments I’m hearing, go along the lines of how awesome Lily is and that DJI is going to be negatively affected by the launch. I don’t think DJI has much to worry about, each drone is targeting a completely different market with different needs and interests. The different functionality of each drone will take them into different directions of innovation.

As time goes by these emerging drones in the selfie-drone, or rather FPV/ point-and-shoot market, will become more competitive, affordable, smaller,  and more popular. Don’t be surprised when you see these point-and-shoot drones at your next music festival or day out at the park.



A few things you should know…

Lily flies itself. No controller required. Focus on your activity while Lily flies itself to capture your adventures. This also means that there is no manual flying option, this is not remotely control (this also may affect any future drone laws impact on this particluar drone).

Waterproof. Lily’s body is sealed and its motors are insulated. Lily even floats, so you can safely land on water.

Lily is ultra-portable, it has been designed to be taken anywhere and easily fit into any backpack, yet still able to handle high winds during flight.

Lily comes standard with a 4GB micro SD, but has an external memory card slot, so you can upgrade its memory as you need to.


The Lily companion App, allows you to;

-          Change camera settings

-          Create custom shots

-          Edit and share content

-          Available for IOS and Android


The tracking device:

-          Weights 75g

-          6cm diameter

-          4 hour battery life

-          Water resistant

-          Comes with a waterproof wrist worn case


Lily’s sensors include:

-          Accelerometer

-          3-axis Gyro

-          Magnetometer

-          Barometer

-          GPS

-          Front-facing camera

-          Bottom-facing camera

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day folks! Remeber 2015 is the year for adventure, so go outside and get involved!

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- Brad Edwards