LongBoard Night Race

The Jo’Burg Longboarders took to the streets of a closed off (due to construction) 2.4KM long road hidden in the depth of Edenvale, to host one of the biggest FlashRaces to date. 
Hosting 30 some riders (old and new) the race was setup as a Grand Prix style starting format. With a procedure called Round Robin to determine seeding positions, all 30 riders took part at the same time to get things goings.
This is a night time race, and there are very little lights, especially on the second half of the course. So the riders were told to bring as much neon lights, glow sticks, reflective clothing and whatever else would make the darkness stand out a bit more. And so all the riders did. It turned out to be one hell of a spectacle to watch!
The roads are quite wide, so minimal carnage was had (great for riders, maybe not so great for spectators) and BlackSheep brought out some safety foam in the corners that needed it most. 
No serious injuries were had. 
One of the best races had, and one of the best, extremely few night races!
Great time, great mates, great people and great vibes!!
Thanks to all that made it happen!