Lost GoPro found with the help of YouTube


We all value our cameras but seem to feel a greater loss for the photos and videos you don't get to enjoy when losing your GoPro camera. Dan Burkovskiy who lost his GoPro, documented a cross country road trip with friends when the camera fell out of their kayak. Luckily, it was picked up from the bottom of the lake by a couple scuba diving 6 months later. But tracking down the owner was no easy task!

Allisa Oliger jumped onto the internet after going through the footage on the memory card. She said: 'I went on YouTube and in the search box I typed in "2014 cross country road trip". When I typed in "Sioux Falls" his was the first video that popped up and I recognized his face immediately.'

She was able to then track Burkovskiy down on Facebook and arrange to mail back the camera.

Don't forget to get the Floaty Backdoor to ensure your camera doesn't sink or opt for the Bobber. Another handy tip is to tie your camera with the help of a tether to your wrist or any other surface it may be mounted to.