Lukas LK-9700 Duo with Free 8Gb Card


The Lukas LK-9700 Duo is a brilliant dash camera for your car as it records both channels in HD, with the Front Camera recording at 1920x1080p at 30fps. It has a large storage capacity and a 135° wide viewing angle to capture every detail around your car. It has a UV filter to protect the camera lens and the cameras can be synchonised to show both images at once. The 2nd camera in the Due can be placed anywhere in the vehicle and is not permanently attached to the main camera. 

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The Lukas LK-9700 Duo is a beautiful dash camera, due to its exquisite HD recording capabilities. The Black Box comes with Drive Data Recorder to enable interlocking support for your car. The LK-9700 Duo has 2 channels for front and rear recording. The Front Camera records at 1920 X 1080p and the Rear Camera records at 1280 X 720p. The dual cameras run at 30fps and have a 135° wide viewing angle. The Lukas LK-9700 Duo has a 3.97 inch LCD touch screen, front and rear screen PIP and a dual slot support for SC cards and microSD cards. The LK-9700 Duo has synchronised storage of the SD and microSD card and can support up to 512GB of memory. The LK-9700 Duo has a 48mm Filter that is capable of UV/MCUV and CPL support. It has a low voltage cut-off function and has a high sensitive microphone. The LK-9700 Duo is multilingual, with an 8 language voice guidance support system.

Tech Specs of the Lukas LK-9700 Duo:

  • Front Camera: 2.4M pixel Sony CMOS sensor 1/2.9”
  • Rear Camera: HD 1.0M pixel CMOS sensor1/2.9”
  • Front Viewing angles: Diagonal 135°, Horizontal 107°, Vertical 55°
  • Rear Viewing angles: Diagonal 130°, Horizontal 105°, Vertical 54°
  • Front Camera 1920x1080p HD
  • Rear Camera 1280x720p HD
  • 30fps Recording rate
  • 800x400 LCD Resolution
  • 3.97” Touch screen
  • H.264 AVI Format video compression
  • 3-axis Impact sensor
  • GPS
  • SD card and microSD card - supports up to 128Gb
  • Built in speaker and mic
  • DC 9V-24V power supply
  • Temp -20°C to 85°

What’s in the Packaging:

  • 1x Front Camera
  • 1x Rear Camera
  • Adhesive tape
  • 1x Power cable
  • Front/Rear camera Connection Cable
  • Rotating mounting bracket set
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x SD card
  • 1x microSD card adaptor

- 2-channel recording

- Front cam : 2.4M Pixel CMOS Sony Full HD image sensor

  /  1920x1080p, 30fps   

- Rear cam : 1.0M Pixel CMOS Pixel Plus HD image sensor

   / 1280x720p, 30fps

- Wide viewing angle

- Diagonal angle : Front-135° / Rear-130°

- 3.97 inch LCD touch screen

- Resolution : 800x480p

- Front/rear view PIP

- Dual storage of accident moment

- Dual Save : Always + Event

- Dual Slot : SD + microSD

- The highest memory capacity in the country up to 512GB

- Equipped with car battery discharge prevention function

- ACC and multi-booting option support

  (Leakage current : below 100㎂)

- Multiple-language support

- English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese,

  French, Arabic and Korean

- Storage of 1,000,000 driving information data

- Interference-free installation of rear cam

- Can be mounted on the rear windshield

   regardless of sun shades

- Parking surveillance notice

- Mounting of security LED on both front and

   rear cams

- Mounting of various 48mm filter (UV, CPL and MCUV etc.)

- Lukas dedicated-viewer / Firmware updates


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