Marshall Miller Jumps Into The Unknown

GoPro athlete Marshall Miller BASE jumps into the foggy unknown in Lauterbrennen, Switzerland. Shot 100% on the HERO 3+ camera. Just watching as Marshall Miller prepares himself to jump into the unknown, it makes one ask , could I, would I? Other than being an awesome video, shot with some of our favorite gear, I think jumping into the unknown is something many athletes and adventure lifestyle enthusiasts can relate to. When we find ourselves at a precipice, standing on the edge, both literal and philosophical, life usually presents us with two options. Turn back, to what you know, what's safe and risk free or push yourself over the edge into the unknown, into what's fresh and new, full of risk and excitement, maybe even a few scars, where the outcome is partly dependent on how far you are willing to push yourself. 

Or maybe to you, it's just an awesome video and that's okay too. 

How far are you willing to push yourself? Would you take the leap into the unknown?

"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up to much space" - Stephen Hunt