Meet the Morpher, The world 1st foldable bike helmet.

Meet the Morpher, The very special biker’s helmet.

What's so special about it you ask? On top of looking ultra-stylish, this little baby is compact, safe and foldable. Yes foldable.The Morpher, is a helmet that folds away for easy storage after use.

The invention, which is still in its beginner stages, is the creation of Jeff Woolf. I have been involved with successful innovation and new product development for many years and have worked with hundreds of inventors over the past 20 years “

After surviving a biking accident involving a speeding car a few years ago, he then dedicated to portion of his time to designing and making a safe, convenient to use helmet that anybody could use.

“I flew through the air (stylishly) and landed head first on a kerb stone (a bit less stylishly). I broke my shoulder, smashed my chin, broke a couple of ribs... and if it wasn't for my helmet I would almost certainly have died... or been seriously brain damaged.”

The Morpher itself is made specifically for cyclists and already meets US safety regulations and standards. It is a full sized helmet but makes use of select foldable sections that allow it to be folded flat and stored in a bag or held in the Morpher carry bag.

Even as a prototype, the Morpher has won a few awards including The British Innovation Show Best Safety Award and The Brussels Innova award for Best New Transport Innovation.

Jeff and his team have put a strong emphasis on the environment with the helmet being 100 bio-degradable.

Morpher is targetted to cyclists; especially those who ride in urban ones who find helmets a drag to carry around all day. Eventually it will also be marketed to other users of sports safety helmets (skiers, skaters, snowboarders, horse riders etc).

To aid Jeff and the team awith their mission to mass produce the Morpher, visit their IndieGogo campaign for full details.