Meet Vice, our go-to guy on all things GoPro

Hi there, I am Vice Phiri from Action Gear, your online, outdoor gear specialists. Being the in house GoPro expert, I have been handling all things GoPro since they came into the South African market. I’ve learnt a lot along the way and would love to share this insight and some tips and tricks with anyone interested in seeing what GoPro can bring to your action camera experience.

Vice Phiri

There’s a reason they are the market leader for sport, recreation and even speciallisted styles of videography.

GoPro Range

So, if you are in GoPro and have a question regarding what model would work best for your needs then I am the person to chat to.

Looking at the fourth generation of GoPro`s and all the innovation brought together in one tough and durable product. The Hero4 Black Edition is stunning with 1080p/120fps. However if we look at the Hero4 Silver Edition having a built in LCD screen and the capability of 1080p/60fps, and taking in the price difference. It all comes down to what will you be using your GoPro for?

If it is for production purpose, the Black Edition it the way to go, being 4k/30fps it allows ample room for editing. If you are just capturing your amazing experiences and other general use then the Hero4 Silver is the way to go without losing massive quality and having the added benefit of the LCD screen.

The latest model the Hero+ LCD provides an everyday more affordable option if you’re happy with lower quality video.

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition is my favourite and l would easily recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a GoPro experience, capture their adventures and experiences at 4k/15fps, plus the built in LCD screen gives you a first person view (FPV) that definitely comes in handy for users new to the GoPro range. Looking at the recommended retail price of the Silver Edition and what we are offering here at Action Gear, plus great after sales service, you’re definitely in for a win.

Contact me for all your GoPro needs, and take advantage of our great deals.

Here are some tips that I feel have come in handy while using the GoPro range;


  • When you’re not using your GoPro make sure you remove the battery. This assists in the life and quality of your battery.
  • While recording use the highlight tagging button, which is also the wifi button, to take note of a particular spot on the video that you feel may turn out great .This helps when you’re editing, helping you find the parts of your video that stand out, saving a massive amounts of  time.
  • Keep your GoPro firmware up to date as this not only fixes most issues but helps you the best out of your GoPro.
  • Charge your GoPro batteries the night before you go out.
  • Use fog inserts when you are around moist areas like the coast.
  • If you feel your GoPro is not functioning as well as it should be. You can do a hard-reset. Switch off the camera, take out the battery, then while inserting the battery simultaneously press the on/off button together with the top recording button.  
  • When using your GoPro while cycling, mount it on your helmet and have it connected to your phone, having your phone then also mounted on your handle bar provides a first person view. If you're looking for a tailored solution the Removu, exclusive to Action Gear, does a great job.

Some interesting ways people use GoPro’s outside of sport and recreation.

There are plenty of innovative ways people use their GoPro, a little imagination goes a long way.

Recruiters use a GoPro to record interviews for their clients, providing a genuine feel when reviewing interviews.

Estate agencies use a GoPro to record a virtual walk through, being able to supply multiple clients with a great way to view properties, at anytime from anywhere.

The time-lapse function gives so many options to view entire events in a short time. You can use your GoPro to record any event, from prep and set up, from start to finish. All you need is a skeleton housing and a power traveller mini gorilla (for example) and this will give you 10hrs plus of recording time.

More and more security and logistics companies use action cameras to record key times and tasks for better liability management, insurance and disciplinary action if needed.

Foodies can use their GoPro to share recipes, tips and trick.

On that point, a GoPro is a great way for people and businesses to record great quality content to be shared with their communities.

I hope you've enjoyed my GoPro post. If you have any questions about the GoPro range, please don't hesitate to drop me a mail at or tweet me your questions @ViceVelo, just remember to mention @ActionGearSA.

Here's a video I did to help explain how to do a 'Hard Reset' on your GoPro.