Mounting your GoPro to your lovable four legged best friend.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see life from the point of view of your little friend? Capturing footage from the eyes of man’s best friend can be quite interesting and fun to do. It can be tricky to mount an action camera such as a GoPro or Drift Ghost on an animal, but a few little additions and adjustments can make it very possible.

Before going out on your any fun-filled shooting adventures with your little friend, keep a few rules in mind. When mounting a GoPro or any camera to an animal, never attach or mount anything that will in anyway or form harm, hurt or injure your pet. Look out for any warning signs of discomfort like unusual cries’ from your pet. If your dog blinks when you attach or every time you adjust the mounted GoPro, then this is an indicator that the dog is probably feeling pain. Take off the rig/mount and check to see if your dog is having the same reactions. Remember to check that your pet is comfortable first before you get started with any shooting.

With that said, let’s take a look at a few of your options.

1) Many dog owners have become fond of using the GoPro chest mount to capture POV footage. Using the GoPro Chest Mount (Chesty) will let you easily strap it onto your dog and use it as usual. The extra trick here is to actually strap the chesty with the front mount plate facing upwards instead of forward, so that the front of it is actually on your dog’s back.

This angle will give you a little bit of the dog’s head in view, if your pooch has big flopping ears. Make sure the chesty is secure and that the camera’s pivot point is nice and tight.


2) You if require a more sophisticated look, buying a dog back pack can offer a more stylish look. Because most dog back packs come with D-links, your cam can be mounted with use of a helmet mount or similar mount. Recorded footage can be a bit more shaky then the chesty method.

3) There a few third party rigs made available for POV use on animals. A quick Google search can help you find a readymade mounting system for your pet.

Remember that seeing too much POV on screen can make people nauseous, so try and add variety when editing the footage by adding other angles, shots and non POV mounted positions. Try strapping your cam to yourself and following your dog or use a handle bar mount for your bike on a double visit to the park.