Movescount powered by Suunto

For anyone who ones a sport or fitness watch, keeping tabs on how on times and stats is vital.

For a runner or cyclist, keeping a track record of run times or km’s covered, is vital in the goal towards progressive growth.

Sunnto’s Movescount is an online community that these enthusiasts can call home. A home where all stats and info, can be synced and upload for the whole social community marvel over. A place where a community of fitness fanatics can share advice based on discussions, charts or forums, with one another.

Movescount was created with the intention of sharing and being able to have a social experience with like-minded runners or bikers form all over the world. 

Most features take place within the website, with first time users having to create an online profile to begin with. After a few personal details like email address; password and username, users will then select their Sunnto product time (e.g. Ambit 2s). After which, users can input or devise sync there vitals known as ‘Moves’ on the site. Having a Suunto watch is not an absolute must, so users have the advantage of just utilising the handy apps on the site without one.

Now, after exploring the site for a few hours, I’ve found the site to have some inspiring built in apps.

Sports Diary

This app with let you enter and schedule activities that you aim to complete. You can then set reminders and memos on each event, with various levels of detail. Other participants can also be added and invited to the scheduled event. Having a group ride on the weekend? Simply create the event and invite your friends.

Follow your progress

This feature will allow you enter various stats recorded on your Suunto watch onto the site. Figures can then be viewed as charts and graphs that help you look back on your progress. These charts can range from simple stats like time, speed and effort exerted, to detailed stats right down to foot pressure, step patterns and dominant foot.

Route Tracker.

Track and view your running route with glorious high definition map layout of exactly where you ran or cycled on a particular route. Trails are sketched out on a Google assisted base map with individual speed points available.

App creator

Another nifty feature I found on the site was the App Zone which allows you to custom create an app to use with your Suunto watch. One can use this app to create city route tracker for your Ambit or a finish line counter for your Ambit 2S.


Share your moves

All results from features on the site are easily shareable, both within the site and on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from the features mentioned in this blog, new features are added each day, with fresh apps enhancing your online experience. Group forums offer a platform for discussion and debate. Top Chart offers a platform for competitive rivalries, with participants from all over the world looking to have times that sky rocket to the number 1 spot.

For outdoor enthusiast, Movescount will offer a fun and sociable experience with features that actually aid anyone with or without a Suunto watch.