Never trust a train

I don't know hey, these big blue and yellow trains and I don't get along very well. We entered the train and there was that releasing sigh of relief when you get to put your 20kg bag on the floor. Next step is to remember not to leave your seat because when the whistle goes and those doors close its game over, and trust me it's the worst feeling when the train leaves without you, knowing from experience. We sat in this little 4 seater compartment., our big bags were basically people sitting next to us. The train doors closed and we were off to Schiphol airport (Amsterdam). My friend and I looked at each other and it's that casual telepathic smile, no need to even speak, just that smile of knowing we were on our way to our next adventure. I fell asleep and was caught off guard when the train stopped. The sudden inflow of people meant I couldn't get out my seat. Running to the other end of the train the doors closed as I pushed every button I could find. Even the alarm was going off, I suspected it was my doing and then that feeling hit me. The train starts moving and there is nothing you can do about it but think... 'Shit, I messed up'.

26 minutes later we arrived in Rotterdam, our flight was leaving in 45 minutes and we felt like we were on a surprise amazing race episode and it was all my fault that we were going to be eliminated.

We found a high speed train on platform 12B, while trying to phone the airline to hold the flight...but let's be honest, that was a bit of a ridiculous idea. Arriving in Schiphol we found the airport, and it was huge! Running to a self check-in station, we scanned our passports, and stood waiting for a while... Processing... Processing... then boom... in your face, 'you are too late' - soz. In my head I'm just thinking of how expensive a last minute flight would be. The other people that had missed their flights were paying something like €600 to get on another flight. Meeting some awesome and interesting people who pointed us in the right direction to the lady behind the KLM counter, who was so understanding, she really saved our asses. She booked us on the next flight for free, thank you awesome Dutch Lady!

We knew we had to cheer up so we sat at Starbucks for a while to, looking at my friend, again no words. Just that telepathic feeling again that we can only go up from here.

We have just arrived in Oslo, so be sure to check back here to see where our next adventure will take us...

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Trains are not my friends!

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