New Firmware Process for DJI Phantom 3

Just a quick update for those of you who have a Phantom 3 currently or have just received your new drone from Action Gear recently.  Some people may be having issues with their drone due to the new firmware that DJI had released for the Advanced, Professional and the newly received Standard. Here’s what you need to do to get your Phantom updated and flying.

New DJI Phantom 3 Firmware Update;

You will need to download the DJI GO App on your Apple or Android device, and you will need to enter the Phantom 3 Standard, professional, or advanced portion of the App depending on the drone you have and once you do this the application will prompt you to update the firmware.

You will not be able to fly the craft until the Firmware is successfully updated. With the Phantom 3 now, the update process is completed via the App, and not via the SD card on the camera which is a cool new feature that DJI have incorporated into their drones.

So the process is as follows;

Connect the WiFi on the display device for the phantom 3 Standard and the Cable to remote on the Pro and Advanced.  When asked for the update, connect the display device to Internet and the update will be downloaded.

On the Phantom 3 Standard the App then will ask you to connect back to the Phantom, and the update will be performed on the transmitter and craft.  

On the Phantom 3 Pro and Advanced you will notice the update will be done immediately once the firmware is downloaded as it will not need to connect back to the drone.  Look out for the prompts on the screen as the app will basically guide you through the process.

A quick note from my side that I know will help a lot of us.  Make sure if you have not done the update that you are connected to your preferred network or WiFi router if you are going to do the update as this will be a large file and you don’t want to go to the park and realize the file downloaded using all your mobile data to do so.

I hope this helps and we are here to help you with any difficulties you may have with anything to do with your Phantoms so please do not hesitate to contact me or anyone at Action Gear and someone can help you.

Happy Flying and be Safe!

Mike Carey 

T: 011 781 1323

C: 061 286 7330


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