Not walk but ride on water. (The BayCycle)

While we wait for technology to give us the ability to walk on water, a young inventor from San Francisco, USA,  has created the bike that lets you ride on water.

Judah Schiller is the founder of BayCycle Project a movement hoping to raise awareness and mass produce his newest water bike creation.

For mountain bike riders or road cyclists, the BayCycle system allows users to use their own bike and simply add the BayCycle system to allow any person, of any skill level to ride across rivers, lakes and ocean sides.


On the public debut of the BayCycle system, Judah Schiller rode the across the San Francisco Bay from Oakland to San Francisco City. On Thursday the 10th of October, he became the 1st man to ride a bike over New York’s Hudson river (without using the bridge by the way).

“Road bikers laughed at people taking their Schwinns to the top of the mountains and now look.” He told the New York’s Daily News. "You're out on the water, you don't have all of the exhaust from the cars. It's a lot more serene," Schiller said.

How does the BayCycle system work?

The BayCycle is essentially a small raft with inflatable attachments on both sides. It has a small propeller mechanism that converts pedal power from the bike. Judah claims all you need to know is how to ride a bike. During his ride across the Hudson, he was equipped with a personal flotation device for safety, but otherwise enjoyed a peaceful, refreshing ride. Both Schiller and his bike remained completely dry.  

Judah is hoping that water biking will reach larger crowds and help people find a new way of using their bikes. He also hopes that water can offer viable routes to take for commuters who would easily find their way around their local city.

Judah is currently doing road shows in and around San Francisco and using social networks to generate interest for his product. He has recently made use of group funding site IndieGogo to raise funds for the product and encourage the pubic to make alternative traveling a reality.

Judah's phase by phase plan for the BayCycle.

Phase One (2013): Seeding Awareness & Galvanizing Support  

  • Website, social media channels, and video teaser
  • Inaugural SF Bay and Hudson river crossings
  • Test rides and games
  • Five-city U.S. tour
  • Film documentary of the rise of water biking

Phase Two (2014): Building Momentum with Hosted Events

  • First-ever televised U.S. water bike race and events: The BayCycle Games
  • Design and innovation challenge for creating bike lanes on the water
  • Prototype of new line of BayCycle water bike kits
  • Water biking apps to ensure safe passage on waterways

Phase Three (2015): Scale and Distribute

  • Global events rollout
  • Production of BayCycle water bike kits
  • Infrastructure for water biking commuting in major cities

Although you might not have a water bike just yet, you can get yourself a range of accessories, cameras and gear to use on on your own water sport adventures.