Novo, the Smallest Cinema Camera in the World.

The Novo is the smallest professional cinema grade camera on the market and offers stunning video capture for a mini camera of its size.

With the endless stream of new action cameras coming onto the market, film makers and action shooters alike are looking for key differences that would make them even consider making a switch from the GoPro Hero 3.

Novo was developed and engineered by View Factor Studio in collaboration with Radiant Images, in an attempt to make a film industry standard camera as small as the GoPro Hero.

The Novo Cinema Camera is essentially a Hero 3 Black Edition for cinematographers. It's ability to fit interchangeable lenses through a C Mount system and adjustable back focus for macro shooting make it that much more interesting for a buyer.

The Novo offers unique features while retaining all of the key functionality and accessories of the Hero3, such as the LCD touch screen, power backpack and WiFi connectivity for wireless camera control. Additional features such as film standard monitors and audio recording capabilities are to be rolled out by Novo in the near future.


The body itself is packed in light aluminium housing and has four buttons. (REC, POWER, WI-FI and AUX). All these buttons can be reassigned to any function the camera has. The Aux button inparticular sets auto exposure on and off but in future will feature digital zoom control and checking of digital focus.

This incredible little monster is cable of shooting 2.7 K at 24fps and 4k at 12 fps. HD shooting is set at 1440p (48fps);1080p (60 fps); 720p (120 fps); video and 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second.

This little cam takes care of the needs of a cinemtographer, without compromising the power and functionalty of the GoPro Hero range.

Key Specs:

Sensor: 1/2.5 in 7.81 mm (12.40 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS)

Frame Rates:    

4k (15 fps)

2.7k (25 fps 30 fps)

1440p (24 fps)

1080P (24 fps; 25 fps; 30 fps; 48 fps; 50 fps; 60 fps)

960p (24 fps; 25 fps; 30 fps; 48 fps; 50 fps; 60 fps; 100 fps)

WVGA (24 fps 25 fps 30 fps 48 fps 50 fps 60 fps 100 fps 120 fps)

Base ISO:  640

Latititude: 8 Stops

Rec Format: MPEG 4